Why WifiRent

Our value for money does not have competition in our sector. We invite you to compare our prices with other companies as Kubik, Telefónica or Scitec among others.

The hotel decides if the wireless network is a paid or a free one. We can establish a unique key for free access for customers or different keys for a toll-access.

If the Wi-Fi off payment, you decide the connection time slots (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, etc) along with the prices of the connection. All proceeds go to you.

Also, WifiRent offers the possibility of having a business corner (computer / payment is customer service) at your facility. This business corner can be installed along with the WifiRent system or independently. Again all the money raised will be for you.

FREE ASSISTANCE while using our system.

How much does it cost

The hotel will be responsible for Internet line contract.

We will establish a monthly fee (equipment rental) and installation costs. Both will be fully defined in the budget.

All equipment and wiring are the property of WifiRent.